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You will find in this brochure the charges for payment transactions and services offered by C2A.
This is the list of charges that may change at any time, especially in order to meet statutory requirements.
Charges given in “Euros” (€ excl. tax) are subject or not to VAT depending on the territoriality of the client and in accordance with applicable regulations.
The applicable date for this list of charges is:  2022-07-01 2024-01-01

Charges Transport & logistics Fleet & mobility

Payment card(€
C2A MasterCard TRUCK  1 €1.50 / card / month
C2A MasterCard FLEX  1 €1.50 / card / month
Shipping costs France €17.00 / delivery
Shipping costs Foreign country €27.00 / delivery
Immediate order  €50.00 / delivery + Shipping costs
PIN code reissue  €20.00 / card
Stopping a card (THEFT and FRAUDULENT USE)  Free
Stopping a card (other reasons)  €10.00
Card without activity  2 €5.00 / card / month
Medical insurance and European repatriation  Included
Insurance against fraudulent use of the card  Included
Payment & withdrawal transactions(€
Withdrawal fee within Eurozone  3 €3.00 / withdrawal
Withdrawal fee outside Eurozone  3 €8.00 / withdrawal
Fee for increasing card limit  4 Included
Payment account operating costs(€
Opening a payment account  €60.00
Payment account maintenance fees  5 €8.00 / month
Closing a payment account  Free
SEPA transfer received  Free
No SEPA transfer received  €7.00 / transfer
Transfer by card  1.50% / transfer
Commission on bank transfer received  6 1.50% / transfer
Statements and reports(€
Consulting cards and account balances  Included
Monthly account statement  Included
Reissue of a monthly account statement  Included
Monthly invoice statement  Included
Monthly gas station report  Included
Monthly tolls report  Included
Invoices and discounts in C2A European Partner Network  Included
Alerts & configuration(€
Standard pre-configuration of payment cards utilization  7 Included
Modification of payment card configuration  Included
E-mail alerts for SEPA transfers received on your account  Included
Automatic management of card balances (option)  Included
Reserve account for use of payment cards for French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish motorway tolls (option)  8 €100.00 / card
Other specific and / or customized requests (option)  Contact us
On-line bank & MyC2A company management tool(€
Subscription to C2A Pro e-account  Included
  • Consulting payment account 
  • Consulting payment cards 
  • Payment transactions and cash withdrawals in real time 
  • Card transfer service 
Access to MyC2A Company Management Tool  Included
  • How to use the MyC2A Management Tool 
  • View of the card balances 
  • Access to my C2A profile 
  • Access to my online account 
  • Overview of the partner network (best price of the day) 
  • Management of registration plates 
  • Online configuration of cards 
  • Uploading of your vehicle's mileage data (optional)


  • 1 Yearly invoicing. For 10 cards or less : contact us.
  • 1 Yearly invoicing. For 50 cards or more : contact us.
  • 2 Applies when no transaction is made on more than 50% of your cards for 2 consecutive months. Only cards issued since at least 2 months are concerned. 
  • 3 Providers of ATM may charge some additional costs. 
  • 4 Manual increase of card limit beyond your standard authorized limit. 
  • 5 Commission on operation included. 
  • 6 For 10 cards or less : contact us. 
  • 6 For 50 cards or more : contact us. 
  • 7 The standard configuration includes cash withdrawals, purchases on the Internet (First Card only), gas station, airline tickets, car rental, hotel, restaurant, parking, repairs, fines and taxes, transport and motorway tolls (under warranty conditions). 
  • 8 €100 per cardholder, amount may vary based on the volume of tolls used. Creation of a reserve account to avoid French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish tolls being debited on the card account without available funds.

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